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Yet another example of idiocy provided by the Trans­porta­tion Security Ad­min­is­tra­tion (TSA): While travelling from Gainesville, FL (GNV) to Atlanta, GA (ATL) on Delta airlines, my Tide Pen was con­fis­cat­ed.

Why am I angry about this? Well, I can tell you it's not because of the $4 that my government has illegally con­fis­cat­ed -- if that bothered me I'd make a FairTax reference. No, I'm angry because the reason that my Tide Pen was con­fis­cat­ed is because the dolt of a TSA agent ar­bi­trar­i­ly decided that he was going to take mine. That's it. More you say?

So the agent looks at the items in my 1 qt. zipper-top bag, removes my Tide Pen, and then tells me that I can't have that in the airport. When asked why, I was told that you can't take bleach on an airplane. Well duh. So I pointed out that the con­fis­cat­ed product did not contain any bleach what-so-ever. I was then told that all hazardous substances were banned form airplanes. Okay. So i asked what about the product was hazardous, and if the rules had been change recently. That was when I was told to move along. So the guy who has probably just figured out that he is a federal employee has refused to answer my question.

While cro mangon man was pointedly ignoring me, I asked to speak to a supervisor. It was at this point he told me that I should move along or face arrest. For asking a question in a not-busy third-tier airport after having been deprived of my property? Arrest?

Had I been traveling under different cir­cum­stances, I might have called his bluff -- I could do with owning where-ever this guy lives...

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