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This is the copy I received of the complaint I filed using the free wireless access from the secure area of the Gainesville, FL (GNV) airport.

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While passing through security at the Gainesville Regional Airport (GNV), my Tide(R) pen was con­fis­cat­ed from my quart zipper-top bag by a TSA agent.

When asked why, I was told that bleach was not allowed on the airplane. When I pointed out that the product does not contain bleach, I was told that all hazardous substances were not allowed. I asked that about the soap and water inside the Tide pen was hazardous, and was told to "get going".

I can understand an agent at a busy airport having a bad day -- but GNV is by no means busy, the TSA checkpoint was (over)-fully staffed, and there was no reason to confiscate my item.

It is very clear to me that the agent made a mistake and then didn't want to admit to that mistake in front of his co-workers or a customer, there was very little that was pro­fes­sion­al about out in­ter­ac­tion.

I have the right to understand why items are con­fis­cat­ed form me - par­tic­u­lar­ly common items that I have flown with -- form the same airport, with the same agent checking my bag -- dozens of times.

Please educate your agents, and maybe start looking out for security rather than buys-work.

Stephen Ulmer

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