Country/Western Dancing? Go figure...

A while ago some friends convinced me to try out Country/Western dancing. Since I couldn't stand country music and had never danced a step in my life, I figured that there wasn't any danger of me liking it. There certainly was no chance that it would enjoy it, and that it would occupy vast amounts of my time... Go figure.

Ulmer in costume So I danced com­pet­i­tive­ly (well, I like to think so) for several years, competing in various Pro/Am divisions. That means that I danced with my coach, Phyllis. I agree with the ideals and standards set forth by the United Country Western Dance Council, so I competed only at their events. I do enjoy attending the occasional swing event just to play.

I danced in the Pro/Am Male In­ter­me­di­ate division. I've compiled the results from all of my com­pet­i­tive ventures.

My coaches were John and Phyllis Whipple. There is no question in my mind that they were the best coaches for me. As one of their students, I learned to dance — not stumble through chore­og­ra­phy. Both John and Phyllis are Certified UCWDC Judges.

I haven't had a lesson, or even danced much in the last several years. Time really slips away, and then soon life takes over. If there is one thing that I wish that I had kept current with -- it would be this.

As testament to the thousands of hours that Phyllis invested in me as a student -- it's been over ten years, and I'm still probably better than the average social dancer.