Headshot of Ulmer I was born on 14 February 1973 in Orlando, FL. I lived in un­in­cor­po­rat­ed Orange County between Plymouth and Sorrento, fairly close to Apopka ("The Big Potato[e]") until August of 1991. Then I moved to Gainesville, FL to attend the University of Florida. I still enjoy living and working in Gainesville.

Caricature of Ulmer This is a caricature of me drawn by a random artist in the Plaza of the Americas on the UF campus. I'm not really sure why they were there -- but I got free art. At the time, there was a debate among my friends as to whether this even resembled me. It's unlikely to be important any more, but if you have an opinion you can email me.

On 27 April 2002 I married Dana Leigh Morris. As a tribute of my affection, I discarded enough obsolete computer equipment to make space for her to move into the house. Most people don't recognize the level of sacrifice that entailed. Some geeks will understand it when I say that I discarded a perfectly working AMD 386-40 moth­er­board with a Weiteck math co-processor though that didn't bother me nearly as much as the Wise 52 terminal. I guess we all have to make our choices, and so far I'm pretty happy with that one. ;)